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Trail Slopes

This app prompts the user for a GPX file representing a ride or trail and calculates "line slope" to show how intense are ascents and descents.

¿Dónde se está corriendo?

This map shows up-to-date visitor statistics for mountain bike riding areas in Puerto Rico.

Section 106

This map shows Section 106 projects evaluated by the State Historic Preservation Office of Puerto Rico. Map template by ArcGIS Online.

PR Historic Places

A map featuring properties on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in Puerto Rico. Built using the Basic Viewer template of ArcGIS Online.

Monagas MTB

This map showcases mountain bike trails in Julio Monagas Park. The app uses the mobile friendly BootLeaf template, a mix of Leaflet and Bootstrap.

OSM Swipe

A comparison between OpenStreetMap and Imagery using a "swipe" functionality. The app uses OpenLayers 3 and BootStrap.